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Whilst most Croatia holiday makers head for the coast or visit some of the 1,185 islands in the Adriatic for sea, sunshine and beaches, the more adventurous will be exploring its inland attractions. Croatia has 8 National parks brimming with fauna and flora, forests, cascading waterfalls, rivers and deep blue lakes. Over 400 bears roam wild in the mountain forests and wild sheep, mountain goats, wild cats, wolves and lynx live happily here.

Croatia's wonderful attractions are easily accessible via it's excellent network of air and road links.  Its geography comprising continental, mountainous and coastal areas accounts for this small country's remarkable diversity.    

Croatia (Hrvatska)  is the newest member of the European Union and was up until the 1990's part of the former Yugoslavia; a bridge between the East and West and a cross roads of many cultures and influences. It was colonised at various times by Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Italians, Ottomans, Hungarians and Austrians, all of whom have left their mark including some of the best preserved examples of Roman architecture. 


Jeremy and Minty

Jeremy and Minty

Minty’s Choice is a collection of all our favourite places and things to do in Croatia.  It began with our own holiday to Croatia where we discovered a country crammed full of delights for the independently minded traveller. Captivated, we left London in 2008 settling close by the wonderful baroque city of Varaždin.  We aim, along with our local partners to share these wonderful discoveries with like minded travellers.   We look forward to meeting you. 

We established and individualized a unique agenda that included trekking, cycling, rafting, canyoning & rapelling as well as sightseeing & slowing down enough to at least have one espresso ($1.25)/day. Prior to this experience we never knew that a travel agent could be not only competent but emotionally invested in having made one’s trip one of the best in our lives. Thank you Amanda & Jeremy
— Margee Adler, USA